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About Me

I'm Krystel, a freelance web developer and digital marketer. I help brands turn their ideas into high-quality digital products. I work with WordPress development and search engine optimization (SEO). In 2019, I started studying futures studies and am currently working on my first trends and future scenarios. Follow my personal blog or my LinkedIn for more information. Shoot me a message if you are interested in exchange reflections about the topics of future of work, future of education, remote work, and digital literacy.

Some of my work

WordPress Development (online stores, business websites and personal portfolios)


I work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress. I also write articles. I work on SEO, content marketing, and brand recognition strategies. I’ve created and helped create a bunch of online courses and online learning materials. I switch between logical and creative tasks, which means I have to use different skills. And if I was ashamed to myself for a long time because I couldn’t define myself, have a great LinkedIn title and make myself clear for work opportunities, today I’m embracing with pride the fact that I’m a polymath.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

WordPress, Ghost, Wix and Squarespace


Content Marketing

Brand Strategy

Market Research


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